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Ricardo Iglesias

Portrayed By Isaias Castañeda




"I'm in the closet, not on the down low. I don't use women to hide behind. I respect and care for the sisters too much to do that bullshit." ------> Ricardo Iglesias

Known as "the sexy quiet Artist" Nicholas' little younger brother Ricardo loves to draw. Ricardo Iglesias was born January 21st. The first son of Ricky and Ernestine Iglesias. Ricardo's mom was happy she met and fell in love with Ricky Iglesias. He was a dream come true for her and her three sons after the death of her husband, Sefon. Ricky's proud of his son. He's made sure Ricardo attends one of the top art schools in Atlanta.

Ricardo has lived a life that his father is completely proud of. Ricky tells Ricardo frequently, "I'm proud of you son." When Ricky speaks of Nicholas, Ricardo sees the disappointment in his dad's eyes regarding Nicholas' homosexuality. Ricky works hard to mask his disappointment, but it shows. Ernestine never talks about it. She's never had an issue with Nicholas being a homosexual.

Ricardo fears the day his parents find out he's also a homosexual. He's worked years hiding his true sexual feelings and is so afraid of hurting his parents. He's considered dating women and hiding behind them (i.e. living a hidden sexual life/being on the down low) but he thinks about his sister Annabella and he feels awful about even having the thoughts of treating a women that way. He and Annabella are close. Annabella suspects but she never discuss it or ask questions. She feels Ricardo will discuss "it" when he's ready. Annabella is close with Nicholas and is okay with his sexuality, she even hangs out with him quite often.
Ricardo has been fond of Sheldon Winners for quite a few months. He's asked Sheldon to go out with him on five occasions and Sheldon has turned him down nicely on each occurrence. Ricardo feels free and doesn't care what people think when he's in Sheldon's presence.

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