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Emory Lawsen

Portrayed By
Shannon L. Crawford



"Oh please…What the hell does being normal mean? I'm a black gay man and if you have problems with that, you're the one with the problem!" ----> Emory Lawsen

Emory's a true Aries -- intelligent, arrogant, confident, somewhat pompous, and most of all direct and straight to the point. Emory has no problem speaking his mind to anyone. Born March 24th in Atlanta, Georgia, Emory's the youngest of Martha Lawsen's three sons. His brothers, Steward and Andrew, died. Emory came from humble beginnings. Martha worked hard cleaning, "white folks houses" as she would put it, to assist with the scholarship funds for Emory's education.

Emory's 35ish and is very comfortable with his sexuality, and has been since he was fifteen years old. He's never dated women except for his junior and senior prom dates. September, thirteen years ago Emory met Brandon Pullman. When they first met, Emory felt that Brandon was the man for him.
Everyone who knows Emory knows he's gay. He's determined to ensure his family (i.e. Brandon and their son, Tyler) is treated and functions just as any other American family. Emory's proud of his marriage and has a picture of his spouse, Brandon, on his office desk, just as any other married man would. Emory constantly challenges what the straight world views as "normal family behavior". His twelve-year relationship/marriage to Brandon has taken several twists and turns, but they have never cheated. Emory enjoys his stable marriage. Emory and Brandon are raising their eleven-year-old child, Tyler, who attends private school. They want the best for him. Emory enjoys his position as Software Security Development Director with Security Software. It pays him a handsome seven-figure income. Brandon is a Chemist, so this happy couple enjoys the lavish life while raising their son.

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