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Clara Winners

Portrayed By
Ruby J. Montgomery


"Because it hurts, and I am ashamed. I know he's a good kid, but I want him to have a wife and a family and to find true love the way that we found it?" -----> Clara Winners

Intelligent and witty with a sharp tongue is how Emory describes his Executive Administrator, Clara. During the six years she's been in this position, the Winners family has become quite close with the Pullman-Lawsen family. Emory's helped Clara tremendously with her issues and fears surrounding her son, Sheldon's homosexuality. Unfortunately, his help has only strengthened Walter's relationship and understanding of Sheldon.

Clara does not have a problem with homosexuality, but she doesn't want her son to be gay. She's working diligently to find a way to deal with it and after finding condoms in his room, she's definitely having problems accepting the fact that her son has begun dating men and having sex.

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