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Brice Hennedy

Portrayed By Evan Allison



"I'm always going to get what I want. I've worked hard for everything I've achieved, with a little help from one of the wealthiest guy in states, who I think of as my father. When it comes to my love life…I really don't have time for a love life… I just need it when I need it, and when I need it, I get it."
-------> Brice Hennedy

On April 10th Howard and Evona Hennedy were blessed with Brice. Their unsuccessful marriage crumbled by the time Brice was five. Evona took off and three months later Howard died. Brice never really got a full understanding of what happen. Arcellious raised Brice as his son.

Growing up with one of the most successful real estate investors in the worlds as your dad provided Brice with a wonderful childhood and life. He completely excelled in every area -- education, musical, sports -- everything but love. Always landing on top has also provided Brice with an "I get what I want" demeanor. And nine times out of ten, Brice gets what Brice wants.

Brice's college buddy, Eric Sutton is dating an African American man who's living a hidden secret life. Brice has been manipulatively instrumental during the past two years in helping Eric to understand his friend's hidden sexual life and the African American community feelings towards homosexuality.

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